Making a difference

Our impact extends beyond what we do and how we do it.
We look out for our team, and the communities and charities that are close to us.

Dogs UK

Support Dogs UK provide, train and support specialist assistance dogs to help children with autism, people with epilepsy, and other disabilities.

So far, we have raised over £65,000 for support dogs through sponsored walks, bake sales and two sold-out charity dinners with speakers Kevin Keegan and Bryan Robson. With this funding we’ve been able to sponsor a support dog (named Frank) that supports a child with autism.

Support Dogs UK have also provided an autism support dog to the son of one of our directors. The entire team have seen the effect this support has on his life, making Support Dogs a key charity for us at Five Wealth.

Five Wealth & Support Dogs
Frank’s first six months!
Frank – the newest member of the Five Wealth team
Five Wealth vs the Yorkshire Three Peaks

Bolton Lads
& Girls Club

Bolton Lads & Girls Club (BLGC) are an innovative, dynamic and progressive children’s and young people’s charity based in Bolton.

Their mission is “to enable children and young people, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, to live happier, healthier and positive lives by providing somewhere to go, something to do and someone to talk to, when they need it most”.

Five Wealth are a proud patron of BLGC and help with the club’s pension scheme.


MedEquip4Kids is a UK-based charity organisation that aims to improve the health and wellbeing of babies and children in the UK by providing equipment and facilities not available from limited NHS resources.

They also deliver the Hummingbird Project, a program of mental health workshops in schools. Since 1985, they have raised over £25 million to fund neonatal and paediatric medical equipment, sensory and play facilities in hospitals, specialised equipment for disabled children, and mental health resources.

Five Wealth are a regular participant in their annual duck race held in Manchester – although our duck has yet to place in the top 3!


We are also passionate about local grassroot sports, particularly those that are close to the Five Wealth team.

We have supported local cricket and basketball clubs that our team are involved in, and are a sponsor of Manchester Rugby Club and player Josiah Gondo.

Our Associate Director and adviser, Rick Gosling has strong ties to the club and was a first team player and captain before retirement.

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