10 May 2022

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Rick Gosling

Sources of Information

At Five Wealth, we have a host of sophisticated investment analysis tools at our fingertips as well as direct access to fund managers, economists and professional advisers. But how does the average person stay up to date with what’s happening in markets? In this blog, I ask a handful of my colleagues the sources they would recommend to clients looking to stay in the loop.

Rick Gosling, Associate Director – Podcasts:

Part of an adviser’s job description means being out on the road visiting clients, even if video meetings are now a more accepted tool in the post-lockdown world. Any medium which allows me to absorb information whilst driving is therefore particularly useful. The number of podcasts available has skyrocketed over the past decade and there are several quality offerings available depending on your personal preferences.

My favourite is the Money Talks podcast from The Economist, which is a 45-minute-long show in an interview format released once a week. The topics are global in scope which can sometimes give a bit of perspective to investors who are used to seeing UK centric headlines every day. Recent topics covered include the global effect of economic sanctions on Russia, the success of private equity investments in recent times (& whether they can continue outperforming public markets) and the effect of high inflation expectations.

Other podcasts that are recommended include:

  • BBC Radio 5 Live – Wake up to Money – If you aren’t up early enough to catch the radio show at 5am, it’s uploaded as a podcast after transmission.
  • FT – Money Clinic with Claer Barrett – The FT’s money-making expert Claer Barrett responds to real-life money questions from a range of millennial guests.
  • NPR – Planet Money – US based show with slightly shorter episodes at around 20 minutes that presents economic concepts in a way that’s entertaining and easy to digest.

Steve Jordan, Director – Business News:

A lot of my clients are business owners and professionals advising businesses. What this means is that is very important and useful for me to be aware of what’s going on in the Northwest and further afield in the business world. To do this I subscribe to The Business Desk, Business Insider and other news sites and receive the regular bulletins covering company news, deals, new hires etc. It means that when I’m talking to clients and contacts I am as informed as I can be about the wider market and what’s impacting them in their world – aside from their investments.

Phillip Dewhurst, Director – Newspapers:

Whilst I do have various apps on my mobile phone that allow me to follow markets closely, I also enjoy the traditional sources. Reading the Sunday papers means that I have a good feel for what’s en vogue and I often receive client queries off the back of particularly eye-catching headlines.

I’ll usually make sure I read the Financial Times – Weekend edition and the Sunday Times, both of which have excellent money sections. Quite frequently there is an article written by Simon Edelsten, manager of the Artemis Global Select Fund, who is a fund manager I respect very highly. Even at challenging moments for investors, which we have seen plenty of in recent years, he always provides a useful reminder of investment fundamentals which tend to be the basis of a sound investment strategy.

It’s important to maintain a critical eye when reading the papers and be wary of sensationalist headlines. It’s also important to remember that many of the UK papers have a focus on the UK market and the FTSE 100. Whilst that is understandable, all of our clients will have a diverse geographical spread within their investment portfolios and so I’d encourage them to ensure they are looking at the bigger picture, whilst also bearing in mind that not everyone is suited to taking the same level of risk within their investment strategy.

Liz Schulz, Associate Director – Social Media:

As well as the more formal offerings that my colleagues have covered above, I also like to use social media as a quick way to keep on top of industry topics and discussions as well as local business news. Whilst naturally any social media has to be taken with a pinch of salt, there is useful content given out daily from both companies and peers. A few accounts worth a follow are:

  • @PensionCraft (weekly updates on markets and performance) – Twitter
  • @CitywireWealth (articles on current topics, aimed towards investment professionals) – Twitter
  • @pensionstully (technical and pension views) -Twitter
  • Christopher Maguire | LinkedIn (a ‘good news blog’ every Friday covering wins across the Manchester business space)

And whilst not necessarily industry specific, for a more light-hearted read the regular updates appearing from our charity of the year Support Dogs (Support Dogs: Overview | LinkedIn) are always very welcome.